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My Commitment

One of the joys of living in Colorado is the nature that surrounds us. Whether I’m out hiking on a trail or strolling down the street with my boys, I’m seeking the wisdom and intrigue of the unappreciated. Thistles, dried plants, craggy leaves, dried stems and flowers may be ignored by some, but I see them as the perfect pieces to incorporate in my florals & wreaths. The wildness and rawness of materials straight from nature bring textural depth to my work and make each design unique. 

All florals & wreaths are made with faux &/or real dried items from nature, durable and strong, versatile, designed by me and made with love. Bringing nature into our lives has been proven to reduce stress and lower anxiety, while greenery has been said to make people feel more relaxed and calm, so why not spruce up a spot in your house? 

Every time I pick up those dried flowers or plants I get excited about what they will help my designs become. I take pride in my work. I know how happy my designs make me, and I want to know my customers are just as happy. If you have questions or concerns, I offer exceptional customer service. Like a passing neighbor during an evening walk, I’m always here to say hi.