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Collection: Timeless Florals

Every couple is unique and so is their wedding day budget. From over-the-top events to understated romance, I’ve been a wedding guest at them all. Which is why it’s so important to me to work within your budget. Whatever you’ve set aside for flowers, I’m happy to accommodate. Tell me your price range and we’ll work together to create something as beautiful as your love story. All bridal bouquets come with a complimentary boutonnière- scroll to the bottom to see pictures of my designs but what I make most are custom bouquets

An Everyday Special Touch!

Of course, flowers aren’t such for special occasions. Who doesn’t love coming home to a ‘just because’ bouquet of blooms? My bouquets are the perfect special delivery that’ll bring a smile on your face every time to walk into the room they’re in, because, with proper care, these real touch flowers last forever. Sweeten up any space with flowers that may last longer than that floral wallpaper you were so into five years ago.

Event planning?

You’ve come to the right spot! Of course, real flowers are a beautiful touch to any special day, but they get tossed after your event wraps up. Imagine the heartbreak of actually saving those bouquets, but the flowers die while you’re on your honeymoon or don’t survive the car ride home.

Wilting flowers should be the last thing you worry about during your event. With real-touch bouquets, your buds will stay picture perfect from sunup to sun down, and years to come. 

The real-touch flowers & greenery I use in my wreaths translate perfectly to bouquets. I’m a Colorado girl through and through, which is why I love incorporating the natural items my state has to offer. I incorporate real, preserved items for an authentic look and feel. It’s a sustainable option for the green-conscious (both the environment and money!) host.

 Let me help you host the most beautiful event possible!